Tuesday, September 9, 2003

List Archive

This page lists all my lists, denoted by their original post date (in case the list appears to have a glaring exception that's come since it was made).

Top Fives

AC/DC Songs 6/4/09
Items at McDonald's 5/30/09
Least Favorite Monopoly House Rules 10/27/09
Nicktoons 10/24/06
People Who Look Weird Performing Music 7/23/07
Price Is Right Pricing Games 6/5/06
Weekend Update Anchors 5/18/09
Wrestlers of All Time 2/15/07
Wrestling Title Belts 2/15/07
Wrestling Video Games 9/12/05

Top Tens
Cedar Point roller coasters 6/23/09
South Park episodes 11/26/07

Top Fifties
Game Shows of All-Time 10/21/06

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