Monday, November 26, 2007

Top 10 South Park episodes

This list covers seasons 1 through 10, as it's the last season set I reviewed on the site.

Honorable mentions: Scott Tenorman Must Die, Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo, Fat Camp

10. Cartmanland - season 5 - This is the one where Cartman inherits a bunch of money and uses it to buy a theme park only he can go to. A completely natural scenario for Cartman with some funny, funny jokes I love to this day.

9. The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers - season 6 - The first of FIVE shows out of season six in this countdown. Didn't even realize I paid such service to that season 'til I typed this. Anyway, this is their big "Lord of the Rings" parody with a great premise.

8. A Ladder to Heaven - season 6 - "Where were you...when they decidedheavenwasamoreintangibleidea ’n you couldn’ couldn’t really get there?" The bit with the Japanese getting to heaven first is pretty cool too.

7. Asspen - season 6 - It truly feels like a TV movie event and delivers in spades. This is a generic send-up on 80s teen movies with a South Park bent and a lil' tangent on timeshares being stupid wastes of time.

6. Cartman Joins NAMBLA - season 4 - A bit of a lost classic for me 'til I went through the DVDs. I knew it was funny, but not this funny. Cartman wants to be friends with more mature, older people. Years before Chris Hansen made a career out of exposing the type of creeps Cartman invariably attracts, we got this show.

5. Lil' Crime Stoppers - season 7 - I always give heavy praise to the "boys being boys" episodes in my reviews, and this is one of the best. What was a friendly game of playing detective with toy guns turns into a stint on the South Park police force for the boys that ends in a very real drug bust. Great stuff, seek it out.

4. Spontaneous Combustion - season 3 - Another dark horse, and the earliest show on the list. The premise is solid, but the icing on the cake are the Scooby-Doo esque music flashback, peace prize presentation and...well, Randy Marsh.

3. The Biggest Douche in the Universe - season 6 - The last three shows basically represent jokes I'll never tire of that are uproariously funny. With this, I'll always love their take on John Edward and those Rob Schneider trailers. Stan's psychic TV show is hilarious, too.

2. Child Abduction is Not Funny - season 6 - Stupid Mongoweeans! I'm sure this totally seemed like a potboiler idea at the time, or at least would come across like that to an outsider before you watched it. But the Mongolians joke isn't the only joke in this one. May be the best one, but ChildTracker and the Ghost of Human Kindness are still damn funny.

1. Something You Can Do With Your Finger - season 4 - The best. THE best. I still do the mall manager character in everyday conversation.

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