Thursday, June 4, 2009

Top 5 AC/DC Songs

AC/DC has long been one of my favorites. My dad turned me on to them, playing their music in the car throughout my early years. As such, I had copies of Highway to Hell and Back in Black before I was ten. He's since re-purchased a lot of the albums on CD. We bought him the Bonfire box set and Family Jewels DVD for holiday gifts. I turn on the Brian Johnson, voice and mannerisms, whenever me and the friends play AC/DC Rock Band. Pretty much, we love AC/DC. Here now is a list of AC/DC songs that rank due to their ability in keeping me from switching the track or radio station.

Normally I'd do honorable mentions as well, but that's about 90% of their catalog.

5. TNT - Got to love the High Voltage album. A well-written classic.

4. Girls Got Rhythm - The second track off Highway to Hell; one of my personal favorites. I like how Bon sings more desperately as the song goes on.

3. Back in Black - You can't forget that riff. You just can't. Still feels cathartic after all these years.

2. Safe in New York City - A fun track off the album Stiff Upper Lip I just never seem to tire of listening to.

1. It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll) - Another one from High Voltage. Every time I hear the intro kick in, I have to turn up the radio and stop everything. How can a song with what is essentially a duel between bagpipes and Angus Young's guitar be bad?

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