Monday, May 18, 2009

Top 5 Weekend Update Anchors

This is a list of my favorite five Weekend Update anchors from "Saturday Night Live." I've only never seen the disastrous early 80s period, so if you're a big fan (ha!) forgive me.

Honorable mention: Jane Curtin - Made the jokes funnier by appearing credible. And she's very likable.

5. Kevin Nealon - Had the help of a great supporting cast (Sandler, "Hollywood Minute," et al) to boost him, but he was no slouch at the desk. Had his own unique humor that was quietly witty and was fun to watch.

4. Tina Fey - A tough choice, as I personally grew up with Kevin, but she's got the better delivery. Maybe with time, you'll see Seth Meyers on this list or something.

3. Chevy Chase - Was Norm McDonald for his own time - didn't stop himself, just said it. The original urgent style of the show was played to perfection by Chevy. The only reason he isn't number 1 or 2 is the fact his edginess only expanded as far as the era allowed. Had he been the anchor today, he might be higher.

2. Dennis Miller - Set the tone in a lot of ways for his two successors. Very quick, very funny and seemed to be enjoying himself a lot.

1. Norm McDonald - Hilarious. Had some great running gags (" guessed it - Frank Stallone."), awesome timing and a demeanor that enhanced everything.


say_andy said...

What's your feeling on Seth Myers on his own? When Poehler first left, he struggled finding a good rhythm, but I've felt that he's been finding it since (to the degree that it felt a little forced when Amy came back for the season finale).

JasonA1 said...

I liked him. Liked him in sketches for a long time too. My SNL viewing as of late is extremely spotty at best, I'll admit, but I felt she was the weaker of the two in the Updates I caught.