Saturday, May 30, 2009

Top 5 Items at McDonald’s

McDonald’s – an American institution and a global brand. Even with unmatched success in fast food, they’re constantly dreaming up new ideas. Or, trying to match a competitor’s good idea. Right now, they’re horning in on Starbucks’ territory. Designer coffee, posh-looking, high-tabled restaurants…sure, for every one of these, you still have four restaurants with plastic booths and tile floors installed when Colonel Sanders was alive, but they’re trying. And the remodeled places are quite nice.

Here are the five items I like the best from my lifetime under the glow of the golden arches.

5. The McGriddle – For me and my peers, breakfast at McDonald’s was something of a special occasion. Whether it was in public school or college, it would take some effort to get down to the restaurant before they switched over to lunch. When I found the McGriddle, I had extra motivation. It was just cool. Specially made griddle cakes embossed with the McDonalds logo sandwich the machine-shaped egg and meat-of-choice. And there’s a touch of syrup through every bite. SO delicious. The McGriddles left an even bigger lump in my stomach than the old offerings, though. Neck and neck with burgers in the calorie department, their tendency to make me McSick is the only thing keeping them from a higher position on the list.

4. The McFlurry – Soft serve vanilla ice cream + sweet chunks o’something = good. Nothing terribly unique, but a fitting dessert. I go for Oreo.

3. The McChicken – Can you imagine a world without value menus? I’ve always been a big chicken sandwich guy. When I found out McDonald’s dollar chicken sandwich had EXACTLY my order on it – lettuce and mayo – I was a fan. And it tastes good too. Keeping it down at number three is the uneven quality of the sandwich, tasting a little different at certain restaurants when they have an off day.

2. Fries – Still delicious after all these years. The nature of the beast means some not-so-perfect batches of fries, but when you catch them at the right time? Yeah.

1. Chicken McNuggets – Like I said, I’m a big chicken guy. This is chicken with none of the B.S. McNuggets have such a distinct taste. Some may think they’re gross, too processed. Me? Line ‘em up. I take mine with the equally unique McDonald’s barbecue sauce. They should bottle that stuff up. I’d buy it. When the food and the stuff you dip the food in is’ve got quite the hold on your marketplace.

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say_andy said...

It's never been the same for me since they got rid of Hot Mustard sauce for McNuggets. And there are few things more disappointing in life than getting McDonald's fries past their prime.

My order of choice is the Big Mac, followed by the Quarter Pounder (both without onions). When I want to eat a little healthier, I go with the Grilled Chicken Deluxe.

True story: when my wife and I were in Anaheim a few years back, we ordered a supersized meal to share, as we usually do at home. We had no idea that "supersize" in the U.S. means an entirely different thing than it does in Canada, and started to understand Morgan Spurlock's documentary a bit more. Our largest size is your large (unless things have changed since then). We had to take a picture of the size of the drink and fries. Then in Europe, I was saddened to learn that their regular size is what goes into our Happy Meals.