Monday, July 23, 2007

Top 5 People Who Look Weird Performing Music

Not a good summer for me on the pop culture front. Lack of seasonal work has left me with very little in the way of new content. I saw "Spider-Man 3" on IMAX, but that movie's not really in my wheelhouse. So here's something to bridge the gap, and get me ready for posting my next review - I FINALLY saw something new last night.

I compiled an informal list of 5-6 subjects for this list on a trip home from a relative's house. Over the years these people have stuck out as just plain odd-looking when they're performing music. Surely you agree.

5. Eddie Van Halen - I guess weird is the wrong word for this choice, but what Van Halen video doesn't feature Eddie with a goofy smile on his face whilst playing his guitar? Whenever we do "You Really Got Me" on Guitar Hero 2, I have to bust out at least 4-5 "Eddie smiles" before it's over.

4. Joe Cocker - Famously parodied by Belushi on "Saturday Night Live." Can't rank him higher 'cause he's so damn cool, but you'd be well within reason to think Joe was passing a kidney stone when he belts out a tune.

3. Max Weinberg - Maybe it's just the choice of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien"s director, but why does Max have to stare at Conan while he goes to the desk?

2. G.E. Smith - ...with an assist from fellow guitarist Tom "T-Bone" Wolk. Both are respected, talented musicians...but don't tell me you didn't think it was creepy when they looked almost lustily at each other into breaks on "Saturday Night Live." There was reference made to it on "The Simpsons" and I'm sure a few other shows.

1. Angus Young - I've done an AC/DC top five, and love, love, LOVE their music, but there's no denying the bizarre appearance of Angus when he's playing away. He looks almost like a dog who has peanut butter caught in its mouth. His hair's all astray, he's shirtless, and he's chewing at the air with his eyes nearly closed. Truly weird.

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