Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fuck (2005)

Not Rated, 93 minutes

“Fuck” is a documentary more about hypocrisy in censorship and the recent moves in culture towards morality than it is about the word itself. But trust me, you’ll hear a lot of it in 90 minutes. Hundreds of fucks. Fuck fuck fuck fuck.

The presentation and enjoyment is akin to VH1’s “I Love the 80s” – you get a lot of well known people sharing thoughts and opinions on various sub-topics. There’s “Fuck Music,” “Fuck the FCC,” “Fuck Politics,” etc. Among the many who appear are Hunter S. Thompson, Drew Carey, Kevin Smith, Alan Keyes, Pat Boone, Ron Jeremy, and Sam Donaldson.

Both sides of the issues are presented, but it’s apparent which side the filmmakers are on. Not that you the viewer, who chose to watch a movie called “Fuck,” would think any differently from them. The diametrically opposed commentators get presented in a nice way, with the two interview clips literally pushing each other on and off screen in a fashion that works well to show where each is coming from. Also, many songs and movie clips are peppered in, to somewhat good effect.


A good 90 minutes for me, but one whose enjoyment can’t break that score because it feels too much like TV. It’d be a cool thing for an HBO or something to run. As a purchase? Not so much.

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